Hospital Consultations

Special Populations

Substance Abuse/Detox Patients

Many hospitals have found particular challenges in the care management for individuals with addictions, both in the emergency department setting and on medical floors. The Zayante Group has a particular expertise in these areas, including nationally known leaders who can help the organization design a fit that meets their needs and their budgets. The Zayante Group has identified practices in the management of substance withdrawal that can signficiatnly reduce the risk of negative outcomes, while also reducing the length and cost of care. Trainings for staff include not only medical management, but motivational interviewing and other approaches that take a ultimately more optimistic and successful view of addiction management.

Mental Health Systems Consultations

Program Services

Community Advocacy

Safety/Security Policy and Facility Modifications

Hospital elopements are a significant concern, both from the patient welfare and organizational risk perspective. There have been a number of bad outcomes related to individuals with significant psychiatric symptoms who have chosen to leave the care setting that has been provided for them. The Zayante Group has deep experience in this area and can provide after-incident assistance (consultation, expert witness). Our expert consultants have many years of experience in these areas as well as a strong body of knowledge from which to draw, through the research provided by our leadership. We have a consultant team available that includes facility and security experts as well as a range of clinical leaders that can develop the policy and practice improvement needed to reduce risk.

Behavioral Risk Management

The Zayante Group can assist organizations in the management of patients with suicidal risk or other behavioral risk. We will begin with an inventory of the current organizational approach and through gap analysis assist in the process of change, to create a decreased environment of risk through strength development in key areas. The Zayante Group utilizes a "triple-aim" approach that above all emphasizes the safety of the patient as the key priority.

We can help an organization respond in the post-event period, through assistance by experienced risk managers. We can help your staff prepare, and guide your organization through strategies of working with families, reviewers, and others.

Business Strategy

Providing care for populations with significant symptoms of mental health and substance abuse conditions has been very challenging not just from a clinical view, but from a financial perspective. Simply put, the costs of quality care exceed the available revenues in most cases.

For organizations whose mission includes the care of patients with behavioral health symptoms, the Zayante Group has expertise in designing care approaches that are successful in helping close the gap between costs and revenues. This is achieved on both ends---by looking at service delivery systems to find the optimal balance of services, and from the revenue side through contract reviews and other means.

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