We have many consultants on our team who can provide the right assistance.  We chose our consultants very carefully, to ensure that the right partnerships are in place to meet the goals of the healthcare organization who is seeking our assistance.


Psychiatric service line leaders with decades of clinical and management experience in challenging urban psychiatric care environments.

Experienced senior-level directors with proven track records of changing service line performance while improving the quality of care delivered to the community for behavioral health patients.

A chemical dependency/detox clinical nurse specialist who has nationwide recognition for her expertise.

Experienced expert witnesses from security, nursing and medical specialties to help assist in responding to the aftermath of a critical incident.

A risk manager with many years experience in legal and clinical responses to events.

The Zayante Group can also assist with the recruitment and placement of temporary managers for the behavioral health service line, though maintaining an active roster of leaders interested in short-term to long-term assignment.   



Behavioral Health Service Lines can struggle for optimal performance, due to underfunding of services relative to the expectations of quality, as well as the labor and other costs.   Financial performance can be improved--and improved dramatically--by implementing contracting and billing systems that ensure accountabiliy on the part of payors.   The Zayante Group has expert consultants with proven track records in this area, to assist organizations in acheiving self-sustaining Behavioral Health programs.


The behavioral health patient---psychiatric or substance dependent individual--will not "go away" just because an organization chooses to not provide a treatment environment!  These are humans in need--and addressing those needs in a professional and courteous way will assist in providing safety.  The Zayante Group can provide on-site assessment and recommendations (as well as training if requested) to help your organization provide a safe environment of care, reducing risk exposure.