Areas of Expertise

The Zayante Group provides expert consultation in several areas that can be challenges for healthcare organizations.  Here are some examples:

Expert Witness and Legal Consultation

Our consultants have expertise in case review, clinical risk management, and legal consultation including expert witness. We specialize in case review for special populations including all behavioral health categories (inpatient, outpatient, substance abuse, emergency management), dementia, delirium and other similar conditions.

Temporary Management of Psychiatric Services

The Zayante Group will help match an experienced psychiatric service division leader, including a nursing leader if this is indicated, with a facility that is undergoing a leadership transition. The temporary manager will have the ability to access a wealth of ongoing information from the Zayante Group, including a library of best practices, risk management tools, and other information that will strongly aid her/him in optimal performance. Assignments can vary from three months to three years, depending on the desire of the organization. Longer management requests may result in permanent placement, depending on the suitability of the relationship.

Behavioral Health Systems Design

Our consultants include behavioral health executives with expertise in initiating and developing psychiatric programs at all levels, including innovative services for specific populations such as youth, transitional age young adults, perinatal mothers, professionals, those with substance abuse conditions. 

Consultation for Community Advocacy

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Inspirational Talks

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