Solutions for Behavioral Health.

We Can Help.

The Zayante Group provides expert consultation to health care organizations regarding areas of risk management and business operations related to special populations.  This includes trainings, expert witness, program design, analytics, environmental inspections/recommendations, and incident management.   The Zayante Group has a team of experts available to meet the needs of your organization in response to concerns such as care delivery for patients with psychiatric and/or chemical dependency conditions. 

Our consultants are carefully selected for their high knowledge base in the areas of clinical services, business operations, security and risk management.  Depending on the needs of your organization, the Zayante Group can help you achieve not only resolution to a situation or crisis, but help you develop and apply knowledge in order to respond effectively to future situations.   This is achieved through workplace training of key individuals in decision-making capacities such as front-line managers.

The Zayante Group can help healthcare organizations large and small---we operate from a principle of matching best practices that fit the capability of the clients we serve.   Each organization is different--not only size and function, but in their missions and values.   Solutions depend on the identification of the organizational aims--our focus is to then find the right fit that meets those aims.

To reach the Zayante Group for more information, use the contact form,
or call 1-855-ZAYANTE  (1-855-929-2683). 

About our name

We take our name from a branch of the Native American Ohlone tribe of the Central California redwood coastal region. The mighty redwood is an excellent reminder for organizations of the power of resiliency.

We face challenges in this business. But a "doing the right thing, well" philosophy in the care for individuals with significant challenges will help avoid costly (both in human and financial terms) poor outcomes of care.

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

Here is a sampling of the areas where one of our expert consultants can help your organization:

Managing "detox" patients

The suicidal patient in the emergency department

Financial losses from operating a psychiatric unit

Belligerent/threatening patients or family